Got Carbon Fiber?


Carbon fiber has an amazing weight to strength ratio and is used in a lot of places. Maybe even your own bike. Carbon fiber manufacturing processes have been holding this material back from its true potential.


You get to lose weight and keep the strength which is perfect but you lose the ability to take impact.

A brand new manufacturing process has just come along introducing a carbon fiber material that hasn't existed until now. This allows us to produce the strongest and lightest cover ever made.

By reducing weight and increasing strength, we give riders that extra security to push the bike further and harder than they have been able to before. We give you the comfort of knowing our parts can take more abuse than any other covers on the market today.




ABOUT Carbon up armor

Carbon Up Armor is a revolutionary company, formed with people coming from all walks of life, joining together to make the strongest, lightest cover ever.

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It all started with a clutch cover, but now we have multiple projects in the works. 

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